100 Greatest Hits

100 Greatest Hits Free 1.0

Play the best ZX Spectrum games on your iOS device


  • Authentic recreations of the original games
  • Customizable controls and display
  • Auto-save


  • Controls can be fiddly
  • The games aren't as good as you'll remember!

Very good

100 Greatest Hits contains 100 of the best games for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, which you can play on your iPhone. The collection was released to celebrate the 30th birthday of the popular videogame system.

The free version of 100 Greatest Hits includes Bruce Lee, plus 25 separate game packs, each of four games, which you can purchase separately. Alternatively, you can buy the full version of 100 Greatest Hits and you'll get all the game packs. The packs of Spectrum games in 100 Greatest Hits are compiled based on publisher (Elite, Gremlin, Palace, etc.).

There are plenty of old favorites in 100 Greatest Hits, which nostalgia freaks will love. Games include classics such as Chuckie Egg, Turbo Esprit, Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy, Barbarian and Orion. All the games have been lovingly recreated with the same graphics and sounds as the originals.

Games in 100 Greatest Hits can be played in portrait or landscape mode. Best of all, you're able to customize many aspects of the gaming interface through Elite's iDaptive controls. iDaptive allows you to choose between a d-pad or a joystick, and customize the position of these controls. This is handy because the default joystick position (bottom-left) impedes game viewing for many titles. iDaptive also lets you edit the opacity and canvas.

The presentation of 100 Greatest Hits is befitting of the classic Spectrum style. From the color scheme to the start-up sound, you can tell a lot of work has gone in to make 100 Greatest Hits a real collector's item for ZX Spectrum enthusiasts. When you select a game you get a run-down of the controls, along with the plot of the story, which is very handy.

If you're looking for more Spectrum action then check out the ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection app. If you always preferred the C64, then you should try the excellent Commodore 64 emulator for iOS.

100 Greatest Hits is a real treat for Spectrum aficionados. Remember though, that the games won't be as good as you remember them. The truth is, many iPhone games today look and play better than these so-called classics!

100 Greatest Hits


100 Greatest Hits Free 1.0

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